Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our first blog

Well we did it! We finally set up a blog. Now everyone might stop hassling us about it... LOL. Well, today we are going to move....AGAIN! I really despise moving. But we can't live in a hole in the ground, which is basically what we're doing now. We don't have a kitchen. We don't have any storage space. We don't have hardly any room to live, so we are going to move. However, we haven't found a new place. But we aren't going to pay for a place we can't live in, so we are putting our stuff in storage, and then sleeping at mom and dad's until we find a place. Hopfully, we wont be here for more then a month...TOPS! We will be sleeping in the garage. I know it's not an ideal place, but it's at least a shelter. And we can use a space heater to keep you warm.

So I'll let everyone know updates as we get them.