Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update on stupid EX ROOMMATES!!!

So we got a call today, from our old landlord, Tracy. He's a really nice guy and I feel really bad for him cause he has to deal with Jason and Angie. Anyways, incase you didn't know, Tracy never got Sept. or Oct rent from them. So out of the 3 months that they lived there, they only gave Tracy $700.00. Now, Jason has the balls to tell Tracy that the reason he didn't get Sept rent is because Marcus and I STOLE it from them. Now we have had to move into my parents garage and barrow around $1000.00 from my parents over the last two months....WHY THE HELL WOULD I BORROW MONEY IF I STOLE $700.00 FROM THEM!!! I am so mad! First, they don't have money for the security deposit or first months rent, so we take out a signature loan to get us all in the house. Then, we buy them food and their son diapers because they "don't have any money." Then, we loan them money to buy a dog(they told us they'd pay us back on payday and silly me believed them).

Now, we're not stupid. We moved out at the end of Sept. We were not going to stay in a house with that THING for another day. So we made arraingments with Tracy to start paying him the contract termination fee and we moved out. We are taking him to court for the cost of the signature loan we took out, the dog, all the food that we bought and they ate, the cable that they had but never paid for, the money we have to give tracy for breaking the contract, for Jades shoes that their dog chewed up and ruined, and the part of our rent that we gave Tracy for the part of the house that we didn' t have access too. For a grand total of $4,080.00.

Sorry, I had to vent. I'll let you all go now


Monday, October 13, 2008

First Taste of Peaches!!!!!

So we gave McKaylee peaches for the first time about a week ago. I decided we should probably post some sort of an update for those who actually do read this blog. So yeah....we decided we can't give her peaches any more....They hurt her tummy really bad....she was fine the first day, but the day after was just a very very very bad day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McKaylee finally rolled over!!!

So yesterday, McKaylee finally rolled over! I was so sad because I was not in the room, Marcus was. So he got to see, but I didn't. And then this morning when we woke up, she was on her stomach. However, now when we lay her down on the floor, she keeps rolling over. She doesn't just stay where we put her.....I know that's what she is supposed to do, but that means that my baby is getting big. And soon she will be crawling. I am SO not ready for that.

Anyways, there's the update.

Love Maggie