Saturday, June 25, 2011


So, I am REALLY bad at keeping up on this as my whole family likes to point out. And I'm sorry. In my defense, I've been working over 40 hours a week and I barely have time to breathe....

But on a good note, McKaylee is officially POTTY TRAINED!!!! She still wears a pull up at night, but it's just a precaustion. She wakes up every morning with a dry pull up on....But she does really good with just going in and going potty....or telling someone she has to go BEFORE she's wonderful!!!!! I just LOVE not having to change diapers anymore!! It's amazing! LOL can you tell I'm super excited about this??

Other news, Marcus is now working full time with the Miliary again on orders. He is working up at Camp Williams doing ground work.....He loves it. He's always secretly missed doing landscaping with Dave....and this let's him do it again. Not to mention, we have 2 incomes again and life is wonderful. I just went and got a new phone, marcus is getting one on the 1st.....I'm getting my hair done, and I went and got a pedicure last night with my mom! It's nice to be able to treat yourself to fun things without having to NOT pay a bill....Plus, this gives us insurance again and after his orders end, we can spend like $400 and pay for insurance for 1 year, so we'll be covered after he's no longer working....and it will expire just before he deploys and we get insurance again.....we think it's a good plan.

Well, I'm gonna go. I'm not gonna lie, I probably wont post again until next year.....seems to be my history. LOL