Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, it has come to my attention that when I wrote my post about my new job and the update for McKaylee's birthday, that some people thought I meant that only people I WANTED to come, could come. I just wanted to clarify so that people don't think i'm this big bitch that wanted to cut people out of Mac's birthday...

When I said "for those of you on my list that want to come..." I meant those of you on my BLOG list....not that there was this "special list" and if you weren't on it, you weren't coming. If you honestly believe that i'm shallow enough to cut out family from a famiy event, then no one really thinks that highly of me.

Now, I didn't mean anything rude to anyone when I wrote what I wrote on my last post. I just wrote what I was feeling....and I'm sorry if it makes anyone mad, but seriously, I wasn't going to go camping on the weekend of my daughters 1st birthday....that would have cut my family out of her birthday and if i'm not willing to cut out Marcus's side of the family, what on god's green earth makes anyone think I was going to cut out mine! I wanted everyone there! And when I say everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE! We made it where we celebrated on Sunday because most people come home from camping on sundays....and we thought you all could come down from the canyon and stop by on your way home.

Think what you want. I wasn't trying to make anyone mad....I was just saying how I felt....and too be fair, everyone knew when McKaylee was born, everyone knew she was going to turn one....and for you guys to plan a camping trip on that same weekend was kind of hurtfull...

Monday, May 25, 2009

McKaylee's 1st Birthday!!!

So, my baby turned 1 yesterday!!! We had so much fun. We had tons of friends and family over...had a bbq and opened presents! She got tons of cute clothes! A 2 in 1 bike/walker, a manners tea set, a hide and seek flower pot, a phonics radio, this really cool ball that bounces REALLY high, and her first build-a-bear! It was a nice turn out. I was really sad and disappointed that only Crystal, Claudia, and Mike and Val came from Marcus's side of the family....I really thought that more would come....I mean, she only has one 1st birthday! It's a day and an experience that they can never get back. OH are some pictures....they do nothing to acutally being there, but oh well....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She Walks!!!

So, it's offical. My baby is walking! She's almost 1 and I kow she's supposed to be walking but's so weird. She is getting so big now....she wont eat baby food anymore....she must have what we're having...and she throws fits when she doesn't get what she yeah....I'm really in for it....LOL. But yeah...just thought i'd let everyone know the update....

Much love